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The life of the crocodile's prehistoric relative, the Machimosaurus, has been revealed by a study of fossils from across Europe.

When dinosaurs were the apex land predators, a trio of huge crocodile-like animals muscled their way through European waters.

One of the three, Machimosaurus hugii, measured well over 30 feet long and is thought to have feasted on dinosaurs unlucky enough to have crossed the path of this beast, according to geoscientist Mark Young.

Reviewing the fossils, the researchers determined that three different species of Machimosaurus lived during the Jurassic in what is now Europe:

Machimosaurus buffetauti- This is a newly described species. It measured around 20 feet long and lived in what are now France and Germany.

Machimosaurus mosae- According to Young, this croc was “adapted for living in turbulent coastal waters.” Specimens are only known from northern France. It was larger than M. buffetauti, and measured 26 feet long.

Machimosaurus hugii: This was the likely dino eater and the biggest of the bunch. “It was adapted for swimming in open seas,” Young said. “Specimens have been found in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It was the largest croc of the Jurassic and had the most bulbous teeth of any Machimosaurus species.”…

hmm.....a 30 ft Croc, not bad.
The first ever reconstruction of how dinosaurs breathed finds that these long-extinct animals used each heavy, mucous-moistened breath to smell their surroundings and to cool their brains.

The study, published in the Anatomical Record, helps to explain why most non-avian dinosaurs had such long snouts. It also adds another dimension of life to these prehistoric animals, the last of which took its final breath around 65 million years ago.

Lead author Jason Bourke and his team used plant-eating Stegoceras as a model dinosaur since it had a particularly bony skull with fossilized bones in its nasal region still in place.…

Page 2 :…
Carcharodontosaurus by SameerPrehistorica
One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs.It is named after its long sharp teeth with deadly serrations. It is slightly bigger than T.Rex and may be slightly bigger than Giganotosaurus. At 43 - 45 feet long and weighing 8 - 10 tonnes.

(Human - 6 feet tall)

(Picture Updated - Oct 15, 2014)
Spinosaurus by SameerPrehistorica
The first known semi-aquatic dinosaur being one of the largest and certainly the longest of all carnivorous dinosaurs.

Length : 50 - 55 feet
Weight : 7 - 10 tonnes

(Human - 6 feet tall)

(Picture Updated - Oct 15, 2014)

Reference -…
Pending List of Animals

1. Carcharodontosaurus - Done
2. Giganotosaurus - Done
3. Stegosaurus - Done
4. Ankylosaurus - Done
5. Shantungosaurus - Done
6. Sarcosuchus - Done
7. Purrusaurus - Done
8. Apatosaurus - Done
9. Livyatan - Done
10. Mosasaurus - Done
11. Shonisaurus - Done
12. Pliosaur - Done
13. Plesiosaur - Done
14. Megaloceros - Done
15. Gigantoraptor - Done
16. Deinocheirus
17. Terror Bird - Done
18. Leedsichthys - Done
19. Canines
20. Camarasaurus
21. Moa - Done
22.  Locked - This large animal will show up directly in the new Megafauna when the whole image gets completed.
23. Crocodilians
24. Woolly Rhinoceros - Done
25. Pteranodon
26. Basilosaurus - Done
27. Diprotodon - Done
28. Doedicurus
Dunkleosteus - Done
Therizinosaurus - Done
31. Locked - This large animal will show up directly in the new
Megafauna when the whole image gets completed.
32. Allosaurus
33. Ceratopsians
Locked - This Massive animal will show up directly in the new Megafauna when the whole image gets completed.
37. Gray Whale - Done
38. Fin Whale - Done
39. Sperm
Whale - Done
40. Right Whale - Done
Bowhead Whale - Done
Humpback Whale - Done
44. Parasaurolophus
Supersaurus - Done
47. Suchomimus
51. Mapusaurus - Done
Edmontosaurus - Done
53. Unlocked - Giraffatitan
54. Diplodocus - Done
55. Mamenchisaurus
56. Locked - This large animal will show up directly in the new Megafauna when the whole image gets completed.
58. Argentavis
59. Arsinoitherium
60. ?????????????

Misc :

1. Megalodon kills T.Rex/Spinosaurus
2. Megalodon kills Blue Whale
3. Ice Age
4. Prehistoric Park ( If i am alive till that day )

A person commented here before saying that the Megafauna image seems to get over 100 animals.

      That's right. It will cross 100.When there was around 50 animals,i thought to make a Megafauna image. I always liked the Megafauna images.I wanted to have an image which will have both large marine animals and large land animals which will look as real,that is whales and Dinosaurs with few other medium sized mammals/reptiles.But i can't able to find an image like that.It was quite a longtime ago.
         Now i had to make the Megafauna as i imagined. So when it came to 50 animals,i thought why not 100 as it seemed to be the perfect number and i don't have enough strength to go on for 200 and over. But the animals will be over 100 because my idea was like 100 animals which are extinct ones but the image already has 17 extant animals and still 3 more extant animals will join someday making overall as 20 extant animals.I'm not sure if that number will reach 25 or not but definitely it won't be more than 25.

         Those extant animals were needed because they are big and combining them to the extinct ones,the overall animals in the Megafauna will end at 125 or 130. Already there is a serious traffic on land,most animals can't be seen properly and nothing can be done for that since i'm using the maximum size of the document for this image in this old Photoshop.
             I will be in a terrible condition from next month.If it continues till next year, the image will be slowly updated or once again if i will have a online luck then the image will be completed somewhat faster next year.
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( Without fossils, no one would have ever dreamed that there were successive epochs in the formation of the Earth.

- Georges Cuvier )

( It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

- Charles Darwin )

( If we measured success by longevity, then dinosaurs must rank as the number one success story in the history of land life.

- Robert T. Bakker )

("He who does not value life does not deserve it."- Leonardo da Vinci.)

( "If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans" ~ James Herriot )

( Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps it's time we control the population to allow the survival of the environment.

- David Attenborough )


I was always fascinated by animals,especially prehistoric animals.The bigger and powerful they were, simply amazing. As far as i know, the most interesting thing is to think about how Life began on Earth and what are the living things lived before longtime.

Animals may not able to talk like Humans but they don't judge us like many arrogant Human beings does..If you have pets,they are not going to judge you and will love you forever.
So indeed Animals > Human Beings, whether anybody agrees or not.

Beautiful Planet Earth...Still there are many mysteries in Earth itself to be explored.How many planets can there be like Earth and what are the things living there?...How big is the Universe ?...hmm..very interesting.

Favorite Paleontologist : Paul Sereno

Favorite Wildlife Presenter : David Attenborough, Steve Irwin

Favorite Actors : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jeff Goldblum, Pierce Brosnan, Brandon Routh, Salman Khan, Kamal Haasan and Will Smith.

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