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Mostly i will be interested in large herbivorous animals. For a longtime i didn't much attempted to read about some of them as i was busy in something. Last year slowly i was showing some interest to know about some modern gentle giants other than elephants, the latter which i know very well. Usually i would upload a comparison and discuss things like these but since now iam not in a condition to do that, i just made this as a normal post.

As for bovines, Gaur seems to be pretty impressive. Then i turned my attention to horses. It won't surprise some of you that i would have searched for the largest horse. I noted that the draft horses are big and i like some of them having heavily muscular build. In this breed, i selected Shire horse and Belgian horse to my favourite list of animals.


The ancestors of modern animals are bigger in most cases. We know about extinct giant Bears, Bovids, Crocodiles, Camelids, Proboscideans, Felines etc etc. Now when it comes to giant horses, there is not much details about them.

If any of you horse lovers don't know about these things then this may sound interesting for you. I read in some sites where they mention that the horses we have now are the biggest than their ancestors which is not exactly true. There are some interesting informations about some giant equids from the paleontologist Vera Eisenmann.…

(Gigantic equids (Equus calobatus, E. capensis(cape giant zebra), E. enormis, E. giganteus, E. major, E. singularis, E. suessenbornensis, E. verae), (E.eisenmannae, E. koobiforensis), Pliocene, Pleistocene, North America, Beringida, Asia, Europe, Africa.

(The largest in the world monodactyl equids (modern draft horses, E. calobatus, E. capensis, E. enormis, E. giganteus, E.major, E. singularis, E. suessenbornensis, E. verae, and other fossils) are compared using different parameters: skull basilar lengths, occlusal dimensions of the upper cheek teeth, metapodial lengths and distal widths, estimated weights and withers heights. Although the estimations proved extremely difficult, some fossil equids could probably stand at least 180 cm at the withers and weighed more than 1000 kilos. Wild caballines and gigantic zebras never reached the size of Pliocene and Early Pleistocene equids. The North American stilt-legged equids have no equivalent among the Old World fossil or modern species.)

So there are some of those giant horses names and eventhough the sizes are uncertain, maybe one or two of them were in similar in size with E.giganteus. Then there is a 2m tall Giant cape zebra and i don't know how legit information this is that there was a giant donkey (Assinus giganteus).

The evolution of the horses usually talk about the dog-sized Eohippus into the modern horse. I wondered why the Giant horse (Equus giganteus) along with very few other giant equids was left out in the horse evolution charts. Who knows, Equus giganteus or possibly one more giant horse species that were either the size of the modern draft horses or somewhat larger being 21 - 23 hands high at withers and weighed 1,500 kg - 1,900 kg or more.
Previously couple of times i said that i am going to quit and now finally it's time for it. It could have seemed strange or funny to few people when i replied in comments,saying that i am not going to do a specific image which they wanted to see because i am going to quit soon and yet i was keep on coming here. It's because last year,it seemed like i am going to move to some other place but it didn't happened.

I had a bad childhood. Well,that is not called as a childhood. When you are forced to go to someone's house that you don't like,when you are forced to study something that you don't like and you quit from it someday and everything gets messed up and when you are living in a place that you don't like.These are the things which i experienced.I always seemed different to the people who knew me.My habits and interests were very different from any of them.The only one thing i can see from this people always is that,sometimes they go to their friends and neighbors house,eat more like some hungry carnivore and then talk bad about someone.Whether it is a function or funeral,this is the same they do.The most disgusting thing is that,they will smile and talk with that same person that they talked trash about to someone else.I realized that i don't belong to this place.But when it comes to moving somewhere, i have a big disadvantage so for that reason i can't able to do anything.But now there is a help from a person.

I could have ended my life before some years but i didn't.Sometimes i thought i could think about it later.But there is one help waiting for me from last year and hopefully this year it will work.So,i preferred to be alive and take this new weird journey.I don't know if this is called as a little luck or whatever but i deserved it. I was always like a 'question mark'. Sometimes there was no proper reason of why i did certain things and it can be applied to this new journey as well. This is not exactly what i wanted but at least it helps me to move away from this place which is much better than anything.

For the last 5 years,i spent insane amount of time on these images.One of the reason is that, i have great interest in animals but there is also one more reason which i don't want to talk about. In the beginning,i just thought i could add images of some of my few favorite animals like proboscideans,sauropods,ceratopsians etc etc but seriously i never expected that i would become more crazy and do several different animal images.Over time,this interest went out of control. There is a lot of images i did here. A person in my position won't spend much time in anything related to hobbies.Of course there are people from this site and other sites who could have made several images for different arts but there is a lot of difference between them and me.If i had a proper life as i expect then i could go on with these images,perhaps forever like some of those people but that is not the case.So, i wanted to put an end to this overwhelming thing i was doing here and now i did. This doesn't mean that i generally lost interest in animals,that will never happen.I always will love animals more than human beings for various good reasons.

Now,as for being in this site,there were always some people who supported me.When i joined in this site and added some pathetic images, there were some people who started to watch me and till now they are showing their support.Then those people who sent me messages about certain images they liked from me and what images they wanted to see.Then those people who commented and added the images to their favorites.To all these people,i say, thank you, thank you, thank you.I don't prefer to make a return here but you always never know the future.For example,one of my favorite wrestler once said that he never will come back to wrestling again and said some reasons.Then after longtime he did returned.Possibly i may return in the future. Still it seems highly unlikely to me.Where ever i will be,some of my favorite animals will live in my mind until i die.


Dino-a-Live will offer visitors the next best thing to real dinosaurs without the risk of being eaten.Described as a 'half visual spectacle and half wacky performance piece', the idea of a robotic version of Jurassic Park is the brain child of Japanese entrepreneur Kazuya Kanemaru.

During a presentation at an industry expo in Tokyo last week, Kanemaru impressed investors by introducing a robotic tyrannosaurus rex which attempted to gobble up one of the actors on-stage.

If the park does go ahead it will offer members of the public the chance to experience first-hand a realistic recreation of the prehistoric world using animatronics and human-operated robot dinosaurs.…


hmm,i hope nothing goes wrong.
Two weird, mammal-like reptiles that sort of looked like scaly rats, each smaller than a loaf of bread, roamed ancient Brazil about 235 million years ago, likely dining on insects the predators snagged with their pointy teeth, a new study finds. The analysis of two newfound species of cynodont, a group that gave rise to all living mammals, sheds light on how mammals developed from these late Triassic creatures, the researchers said.…

Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex — the most complete and best-preserved T. rex skeleton ever found — temporarily surrendered her arm to science. And the preliminary results suggest it wasn't doing her much good anyway.

Tests on Sue's arms at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois showed few signs of stress, according to The Field Museum in Chicago, where this giant beast dominates the museum's main hall. The tests suggest that when this fearsome predator was alive more than 65 million years ago, she didn't use those itty-bitty arms very often, museum scientists said. "It's very early yet, but it seems like there aren't many signs of stress on the bones that would indicate frequent use," Peter Makovicky, associate director of dinosaurs at the museum, said in a statement. "Based on what we know now, it looks like T. rex didn't use its arms much, at least not as an adult, but there's still a lot to learn."…

This article makes me remember one of the documentaries i have seen where paleontologist Jack Horner talks about T.Rex arms in a funny way..While he was standing near a t-rex skeleton and when he looks at its arms, he says " T-rex, with its tiny little arms, can't grab anything, can't even put its hands together, can't reach its mouth, can't do anything, but scratch his belly." :D (Big Grin) 

In another documentary,he said something like, if t-rex tried to catch triceratops, all it's teeth would get stuck on the back of triceratops while the ceratopsian would run away.

Chew on this: A partial skull and jaw of a small crocodile relative that lived 100 million years ago has teeth that are more like a mammal's than a crocodilian's, according to a new study.

While crocodiles' toothy grins typically feature only cone-shaped teeth, this ancient crocodile relative from Morocco had more complex teeth, with specialized shapes that had pits surrounded by multiple pointed ends known as cusps.

High-resolution X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans allowed the scientists to examine the fossil noninvasively and revealed layers of replacement teeth that would've emerged as old teeth were worn down. In addition, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) magnified details of wear patterns, which were likely created when the crocs cracked and pulverized the exoskeletons of insect meals.…

The crocodilians are so diverse and something interesting. I can't able to pronounce this new crocodile's name properly. See it for yourself.

Some of the extinct animals name are weird and funny. Only one funny name i remember for now is Gooloogongia.

Measuring a whopping 42 inches across, an ancient dinosaur footprint has been found in the Gobi Desert.

Made between 70 and 90 million years ago, the fossilized footprint was found by scientists with Okayama University of Science working with Mongolian researchers. "This is a very rare discovery as it’s a well-preserved fossil footprint that is more than a meter long with imprints of its claws," reads a statement from the university, according to International Business Times.

At 106 centimeters by 77 centimeters, the footprint is roughly the size of a human torso and believed to have come from a long-necked titanosaur.……

Earlier this month, Russian scientists uncovered the remains of a giant animal in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.

"Specific structural features of this dinosaur make it differ from its relatives, according to what was said in an official release. We cannot say that this reptile was, for example, sturdier than the others because it is unknown yet," Sergei Leshchinsky, head of the Laboratory of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Continental Ecosystems at Tomsk State University, told Sputnik. This fossil was also found to be a titanosaur.…

Oh yeah, that sounds good. I love giant sauropods. The thing is, when a giant titanosaur fossil is unearthed, this sentence is applied in some of those news ------ ( One of the heaviest dinosaurs to walk the earth, titanosaurs are estimated to have weighed upto 90 tons.)

Many people would want to know about the weight of the newly discovered titanosaur but the news of the recently discovered giant titanosaurs usually is mentioned as 'Titanosaurs could weigh upto 90 tons'. Before a year or so, i sent a message to a paleontologist about the newly discovered giant titanosaur at that time and he replied that it's surprising that the article doesn't say anything about the newly discovered sauropod weight but rather saying that titanosaurs are a group of dinosaurs that weigh upto 90 tons.)

I wonder if i will ever hear the news about a 100 + ton sauropod before i die. Seems like it may not be possible in my lifetime.

"At first glance, teeth of Megalolamna paradoxodon look like gigantic teeth of the genus Lamna, that includes the modern porbeagle and salmon sharks," Shimada told Live Science in an email. "However, the fossil teeth are too robust for Lamna — it shows a mosaic of dental features reminiscent of the genus Otodus. So, we determined it to be a species new to science that belongs to the family Otodontidae with no direct relationship with Lamna."

By analyzing the tooth-to-body ratio of the shark's modern relatives in the lamniform family — including the sand tiger shark, mako shark and great white shark — the researchers estimated that M. paradoxodon could grow to be up to 12 feet (3.7 meters) long. That makes it smaller than the great white shark, which can reach lengths of between 15 and 20 feet (4.6 to 6.1 m).

However, it's hard to say exactly how large M. paradoxodon grew, said John-Paul Hodnett, a shark specialist and graduate student of biology at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia who was not involved in the study.

"For teeth, you should always be cautious of the fact that it is possible to have very large or small teeth in a shark's jaw, which do not represent the true aspect of the shark's body size," Hodnett told Live Science. For instance, some of the modern whale shark's teeth are tiny, but the beast can grow to be more than 40 feet (12 m) long, he said. 

The prehistoric teeth helped the researchers make another "mega" discovery. They compared them with the teeth of Carcharocles megalodon, an extinct species that is the most massive shark ever known to have lived. Both M. paradoxodon and C. megalodon belong to the extinct family of sharks known as Otodontidae, but scientists previously placed C. megalodon in a distinct lineage, Shimada said.

But Shimada and his colleagues now suggest that M. paradoxodon and C. megalodon are actually close cousins, and that C. megalodon should be should be placed in another genus called Otodus. 

"Carcharocles megalodon has been the typical expression for the fossil shark," Shimada said. "However, our new study clearly supports the idea suggested by a few previous workers that 'megalodon' should be placed within the genus Otodus, and thus it should be referred to as Otodus megalodon from now on."……

One of the coolest animal name is the combination of carcharocles megalodon, now it should be called as Otodus megalodon ? It doesn't sound that good to me. Well,i generally don't take all news seriously because several times after new discoveries, again and again some things changed. So,perhaps it's name might be changed again after another future discovery.
T. Rex Fossil with Well Preserved Skull Found in Montana

The famed Hell Creek Formation yields multiple bones from the iconic beast.
There's a new Tyrannosaurus rex fossil on the block, with a cute nickname and about 20% of its former body intact, including a well-preserved skull.

The T. rex was found by paleontologists from Burke Museum and the University of Washington (UW) in Montana's famous dinosaur-fossil haven, the Hell Creek Formation. It has been dubbed the "Tufts-Love Rex," in honor of the volunteer paleontologists who first noticed bones jutting out of a hillside: Burke Museum's Jason Love and Luke Tufts.

 The fearsome meat-eaters, with enormous jaws and razor-sharp teeth, were around 40 feet long and stood up to 20 feet tall. This find, the researchers say, would have been the height of a city bus at its hips and as long as one from head to tail-tip.

Tyrannosaurus rex fossils are uncommon finds, and even more so are well-preserved skulls. The UW and Burke team said their find marks just the 15th fairly complete skull in the world.…

First diagnosis of dinosaur arthritis shows it lived in pain

A dinosaur has been diagnosed with severe arthritis 70 million years after its death.
Scientists believe the hadrosaur, a plant-eating duck-billed dinosaur, must have endured considerable suffering before reaching the end of its life.

X-ray analysis of its fossilised elbow joint revealed evidence of septic arthritis, an especially nasty form of the disease caused by infection and known to afflict modern birds, crocodiles and humans.A micro-tomography scan — a high resolution version of the kind of CT scans used in hospitals — showed that the joint was fused and covered in bony growths.

It is the first time septic arthritis has been seen in a dinosaur, although another arthritic condition called osteomyelitis was quite common among the creatures.…
How did Carlex Design acquire elephant leather to dress up the seats of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat?
Sign the petition :…

Luxury cars are more important than animal's life ? What the hell is wrong with some humans ? Already more elephants are getting killed for ivory and now for their skin ?????


Other news of elephants skin trade and these are Asian elephants :…
Save cows from painful and untimely death.

The ingestion of plastic bags chokes the stomach of cows and up to 60 kg of plastic bags were found in the stomachs of cows. What appears to be a healthy cow is in fact a plastic-choked cow. 30-60 kg of plastic bags recovered from the stomachs of cows because of irresponsible disposal of plastic bags .

Sign the petition :…
When you add pictures in a folder in the gallery, the first image you added will keep on going down when you add new pictures and then a 2nd page is created and the old image will enter that page.

We can arrange pictures in one page,but is it possible to bring an image from the 2nd page to the 1st page in the gallery folder ?
I read some news about how the egg industries kill millions of male chicks every year. Now only i know about it. They do these because the female chicks grow and lay eggs while the male chicks cannot produce eggs and considered as useless,so many are destroyed when they are born. I didn't wanted to watch that video. It's hard to see the pictures itself,very disturbing.

It's always about money,greedy humans. I hate the human race.

I don't get it,how come some people have the hearts to kill these tiny innocent animals. They can't defend themselves from anything. When seeing news like these,i have wondered that there is no need for animals like these to exist on this planet. Because they always get killed brutally.

(The following methods are used to kill chicks in egg hatcheries.

• Maceration, using a large high-speed grinder into which the live chicks are fed.
• Gases or gas mixtures, often carbon dioxide is used to induce unconsciousness and then death.
• Cervical dislocation (breaking the neck)…)

These chicks are alive when they go into the grinder !!! Sometimes they are shoved into garbage bags and suffocated to death. That is sick and barbaric.…

(Germany has announced that they will end chick grinding and have teamed up with scientists to determine the sex of the chick before hatching. Germany will introduce technology by the end of 2016 that will identify the sex of chicken embryos before they are hatched.The US has committed to stop culling chicks within four years.

United Egg Producers, which represents almost all of the country’s egg farms, recently announced it will stop culling male chicks by 2020. Hundreds of millions of male chicks are killed this way on a daily basis using inhumane and cruel methods. United Egg Producers says it will replace culling with "in-ovo egg sexing." This is a process that can determine the sex of chicks before they develop inside their egg. That enables egg producers to terminate the male eggs and potentially use them to help make vaccines or for pet food.)

2020 is a long way while still this insane cruelty will continue.This mass slaughter must be put to an end and should not be allowed to continue.

Sign the petitions :…………

These petitions most likely can't help but i had to sign them and paste those links,anyway.When hearing these kinds of news makes me lose interest in many things.


I do remember seeing some chicks placed inside few snake enclosures in a park. Previously i posted 2 pictures related to it. These poor chicks always getting killed brutally. I'm sure there could be other ways to feed those snakes.

Cute Chick by SameerPrehistorica
Chicks by SameerPrehistorica

Perhaps someday humanity destroy itself. We are seeing great examples for that in the modern world.
Animals are not toys ! by SameerPrehistorica

Since i was a little kid,i heard people buying colorful chicks and at that time i thought these chicks naturally come in varieties of colors. After several years,i knew that they were dyed. Recently a known person of mine who bought some
5 dyed chicks. These people bought them to entertain their kids. I told them, it's not good to have these chicks when they can't take care of it properly,especially not to buy these animals for kids because kids will torture them. Indeed one of their kids lifted one chick by it's fragile wings,the other day this kid used a plastic knife and slightly poked the chicks.These people are carelessly saying that they will kill anything for their kids. I know that there are some people like these who just buy pets to entertain their kids and don't give a shit about how these animals should be treated.

It's been a week since they bought the 5 dyed chicks. They are kept in a small basket like cage and so far 3 of them died.Yesterday i just thought about how these chicks are dyed.I saw a video and it was terrible.

(Hoards of multi-colored chicks fill a cardboard box at a market.They had previously been poured into a bucket and covered in dye. The chicks are then ruthlessly tossed like a salad to spread the coloring.……)

The video is hard to watch, but what might be even harder to consider is what happens to the birds after Easter is over. Purchased as gifts and dyed unnatural colors, these neon-hued chicks are more likely to be seen as “toys.” Children should never be taught to view animals as playthings: Rather, kids should be taught to respect the rights of all living beings. Oftentimes, chicks given as gifts for Easter are abandoned even faster than their colors fade.)

Little kids that drag, throw and kill baby animals is some of the cruelest things on earth.

End male chick culling

When it comes to some of the greatest people, Mother Teresa will come to many people's mind. On September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa was declared a saint by Pope Francis.

Now i just noted some sites which talks about Mother Teresa being fraud,etc etc. It's not like i believe in those things. I don't know what to say...……

How many of you are kindergarten teachers ?
Recently i saw a news about a women getting killed by a tiger in some Animal safari park. It surprises me that these days,there are several people who are interested to take pictures and videos of those who are getting killed and post them in social networking sites and make fun of it. I did read comments from people who said that this Chinese girl was stupid because she came out of car in the Animal safari park. Sure it is a very wrong decision from that girl,she and another family member who tried to save her was killed by the tiger. That is very sad.

The most idiotic and ridiculous thing i have ever heard is this...

A man commits suicide just because he didn't get a movie ticket in time. o.O Seriously what the hell is that.. I'm sure nobody is going to worry about him,except perhaps his family.
Humanity at its worst : Man throws a dog from terrace.

I saw this news in TV today. These guys are hiding somewhere and they should be punished.I wonder why these kinds of psychopaths exist on the planet. That piece of shit..Rage   Like i always say, Animals > Humans.

("People speak sometimes about the 'bestial' cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel," Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky had once said.)…
Usually i have no opinion in extinct animals which are known from only drawings and footprints. That doesn't mean that i am saying they are fake but it's always better to have fossils then only we can defend certain animal's size.
So that is the reason,i didn't wanted to make an image for Amphicoelias fragillimus.

Before some days i was searching something and i came across this site which had this title -- The biggest dinosaur in history may never have existed.…

That article was quite interesting.